We are a strategic, full-service graphic design agency, passionate about creating impactful brand communications.


What we do

Originally established in London in 1997 and based in Edinburgh since 2002, we offer a full service of strategic brand consultancy, creative design, marketing and visual communications. Our experience, expertise and integrated offer ensures clarity, creativity and consistency of design, branding and messaging across all touchpoints with your key audiences. This maximises the impact, effectiveness and value of your investment.

Brand strategy

The bedrock of our approach and forms the solid base on which we build the creative and communications work. We have a variety of methodologies and processes to suit aspirations and budgets.

Brand identity

A well-developed brand identity is a powerful business asset and is much more than a ‘logo’. Our process encompasses the creation of a whole cultural and visual personality across a wide range of media, applications and environments.


Marketing communications

Innovative, impactful and integrated campaigns across a wide range of media, including presentations & training tools, animations, apps, multi-media, infographics, adverts, brochures, print, direct and e-mail marketing, web and more.

Graphic design

Tasteful and sensitive approach to typography, layout, colour and imagery for brochure, print, magazine & annual report design, infographics, information design, retail graphics, large-format graphics, packaging design and more.


Website design & online marketing

Conceiving, creating and maintaining your online presence with a fully-responsive website is crucial in reaching and engaging with your key audiences. Our expertise covers strategy, website & interface design, content management, online & e-mail marketing, e-commerce & social media.

Interior design & branded environments

The physical environments in which your business engages with visitors or staff are a key opportunity to express your values. Our 3D design experience covers retail interiors, exterior design, office design, leisure environments, exhibition design, visitor attractions, museum display etc.


Signing & wayfinding

Enhance the visitor experience with impactful signing and sympathetic wayfinding, including retail environments & shopping centres, offices & commercial premises, manufacturing facilities, visitor attractions & museums, display panels, illumination & interpretation design.

Interpretation & information design

Tell your story in words and pictures, engage your audience and enhance understanding. We are experts in creating informative and inspiring information design displays and panels for all audiences and ages, using state of the art technologies and materials.

Sector expertise

We are experienced in working on design, branding and communications across a very wide range of sectors. This means we can bring knowledge and fresh thinking to your project, regardless of classification or category, always tailored to your specific strategic aims, circumstances and objectives.