Can Ryanair ever bounce back from flights shambles?

Can Ryanair ever bounce back from flights shambles?
Our Creative MD, Andy, was asked to contribute to a Sunday Post opinion piece in the wake of Ryanair’s multiple flight cancellations, after they failed to factor in pilot holidays to their scheduling.

Brands are built on emotion, anticipation and imagination.

Our regard for a brand is defined when we ask: “Does this represent value?”

Which is why Apple has an audience happy to pay more than £1000 for an iPhone.

Ryanair’s proposition is well understood – their “promise” is minimal in terms of aspiration – quite simply, Ryanair represents low cost travel to a wide range of destinations, with the most paired-back service.

In a way, its success is very similar to that of Donald Trump.

Both have reputations built on negative headlines and bluntness, and behave in a manner logic suggests should be terminally damaging.

However, both have found a ready and willing audience.

With Ryanair, we joke about having to pay extra for air to breathe.

When regard is so low, how far is it possible to fall?

For premier brands, such a breach of trust would be damaging. All that has happened is Ryanair has behaved badly. Again.

Are we really surprised?

You can read the article and the opposing opinion on the Sunday Post website.


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