Making life simple for leading transport group with new brand identity and marketing communications

Bringing together three diverse businesses under one unified brand

The challenge
Three companies owned by the same organisation faced a credibility challenge when tendering for larger contracts involving two or more of the group. Journeycall – a travel contact centre, ESP Systex – a transport technology centre, and Viaqqio, a transport futures development consultancy each had their own branding and differing messaging, giving the impression of three entirely separate, independent businesses.

Our approach
Uniting under ‘The ESP Group’, we developed a monolithic identity system and hierarchy, with ‘The ESP Group’ at the head, with each individual company sharing the same symbol – a triangle representing a three-legged continuous, end to end ‘journey’ in a single colourway of blue. Each also share the same font for their name, with ESP Systex becoming simply ‘Systex’. Each company is endorsed ‘Part of The ESP Group’. ‘The ESP Group’ can now present itself with significantly greater impact and a sense of integration and capability.

Project scope
Brand strategy
Brand identity
Graphic design
Marketing communications
Corporate communications
Website design
Digital marketing
Interior, exhibition & display
Signing & wayfinding

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